Alison Coyer


dulcimerAlison Coyer is an accomplished young musician and an expert hammered dulcimer player. Her talent, experience, and passion for the instrument mold her sound into a delightful traditional music experience.

The American hammered dulcimer is a trapezoidal instrument played by striking a series of pitched strings with small hammers. It is of no relation to the Appalachian Dulcimer which is a long fretted instrument that sits on the lap of the player. Variations of the hammered dulcimer are found across the globe and can be traced back over 2000 years. They are thought to have originated in the middle-east. Over many centuries, the dulcimer evolved into the modern day piano, where the strings are still struck with hammers, but are opperated by keys. Today, however, you can still find people playing the ancient instrument that is the Hammered Dulcimer.

Please navigate through this site for information on Alison, her music, and to hear samples of her unique sound.